Dry roast the spices, powder and store in jar/freezer for long term use

Soak chickpeas with channa dal overnight.

Cook chickpeas with tea bag/black tea water

Cook onion ,tomato ,ginger, chillies until dark brown

Add chole,water and let it cook

Add anardana & chole masala

Bhatura - Take all ingredients,knead into soft dough

Roll into flat bread,

cook into hot oil

Chole Bhature



Chole masala powder

Fill in some text Cinnamon stick/dalchini

Black pepper/sabut kali mirch Methi dana/fenugreek seeds Coriander seeds/dhania Bay leaves/tej patta Dry red chillies/sookhi lal mirch Cloves/laung Small elaichi/choti elaichi Black cardamom/badi elaichi

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